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Client Quotes

A. Azhar – Saathi House was really helpful. I enjoyed a lot to come here and work with staff. My experience was really good.

S. Kiran – I come to Saathi House twice a week for exercise, but I would like to come more!

S. Bi – Teachers think about what is best for us.

Minazir – I would recommend more women to come here.

R. Hussain – Saathi House is very helpful for women and the community.

S. Begum – By coming to Saathi House, I have become more confident in myself and I am able to communicate with people better.

N. Ul-Ain Kazmi – All the staff are very kind and helpful to me. They built up my confidence and helped me to job search, it is a good place.

S. T. Choudhury – I would like to see this centre expand and offer more services including introducing sewing classes.

V. Thakob – The centre provide me with good service. It is beneficial to me and has made me more confident.

K. Begum – I would like to see higher level of English courses introduced here so I can benefit more!

A. Bibi – It is very good place for us to go and learn many skills.

H. Nessa – This centre is very useful, I have learnt a lot and always promote Saathi House to others. I can now even call my own taxi and tell him where I want to go!