About Saathi House

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Saathi House

Saathi House is a non-profit organisation that has been based in Aston since 1977. Through accessible learning, Saathi House has a structured and well balanced programme for education, health and fitness and social integration. With a well organised community outreach programme Saathi House aims to remedy the disproportion that currently exists in B6, B19 and B20 and cater to the community needs. Saathi House acts as a mechanism to promote development within the community and its viewpoint is to interact with equality and openness with all involved in the projects. The client pool is made up of women from the local community and surrounding communities but with a primary focus on those with a heightened need for improvement; the Bangladeshi (Sylheti) and Pakistani (Mirpuri).

The Vision

Saathi House takes a holistic view of the needs of the community aiming to overcome the current deficit such as high crime rate, high rate of youth offenders, low rate of further education, increased unemployment. Saathi House works with the mother and young children in the community in order to overcome these shortfalls and prevent future repetition of such issues. Saathi Houses’ principal focus is on women’s development and empowerment. Saathi House strongly believes that by educating and empowering women substantial changes can be made to community and social integration. As the mother is at home and is the main educator, it is believed that that through the mother we can effect and enhance the development of the future generations.


Saathi House was formally known as the St James Language Project together with its partner organisation, the St James Advice Centre. It was originally established in response to expressed wish of many Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Indian women in the community that wanted to learn English and to target the social issues faced by the community of Aston Birmingham. The organisation has evolved in many ways over the years, setting up a wide range of classes and employing community workers to tackle the needs of local women and develop youth work. However, its central goal has never changed with the project aiming to better education and social well being.

The Project

The current project provided by Saathi House is the Empower Women and Children in Health and Education. After much research it was discovered in order to overcome the social issues in the Aston and surrounding areas, the women and children needed to be targeted to increase their education, health and social integration. The project has now been successfully running for three years with a great desire to continue in to the future. Previous projects include the Bangladeshi Mentoring Scheme, The Positive Activities for Young People (PAYP) and the Sports Development Project. The Bangladeshi Mentoring Scheme was aimed at disaffected Bangladeshi Youth who were at risk of exclusion, to bring them back into education or training. Over 250 people benefitted from this programme. The Positive Activities for Young People (PAYP) was aimed at the young people providing out of school play and education activities over the summer holidays and 235 local young people engaged in this project. Under the current project, Saathi House also provides Homework Club – this is a project working with children.