Saathi House Profiles

Sharina Kamali

After completing my GCSE’s and my A-Levels in English Language, English Literature and Fine Art I started working as a personal Carer working for Community Careline Services, in the four years Within this organisation my role involved working with the elderly who had physical difficulties and mental health problems, which included caring for their everyday needs and helping them to live and maintain an independent life. This experience gave me the skills to work with a variety of communities in the care environment.

Whilst working, I completed a HND Humanities and Social Science course; Psychology helped me with my experience in dealing with mental health patients, which made me aware of how some influences reflect our behaviour such as cognitive perspective. I believe negative and positive cognitions influence our outlook on life and this determines our mental state and therefore our place in society. To understand the social interactions I found we need to explore and research the social changes and have the ability to have a more complex understanding of the different social groups and the situations.

I am currently a Support Worker for the Community Organisation Saathi House. Within this organisation my role is to support, promote and empower women in health, education and employment. This gives me opportunities to liaise with the local community attending to their needs, which vary from supporting projects such as ESOL sessions for adults to other various support on a one to one basis, aiding women who are looking for education, employment or to live a healthier lifestyle informing them of a number of free services that are available for them to enable the women to become independent, there are also occasions when the referral system is used in cases such as domestic violence whilst maintaining confidentiality at all times.

My role also involves outreach work, linking with other organisations enabling us to meet the demands of the community offering services as part of the community cohesion programme for the mothers and children in particular one of my support roles involves liaising with local schools delivering a parent coaching programme which empowers parents to support their child with their education, whether it is offering guidance or words of encouragement, our community needs to empower the children of today for a better tomorrow. The other projects that I deliver are working with young girls between the ages of 8-16 promoting various indoor and outdoor activities such as angling, bird box building, rock climbing, swimming, arts and crafts etc. I also support women in gaining basic I.T skills such as learning how to use the mouse, keyboard and its functions, learning how to use the Microsoft programmes and also the use of the internet and email accounts, this motivates the women and encourages them to access courses at colleges enhancing on their skills.

This role has helped me to understand and relate to the diverse environments in which we live in today and research the needs of individuals and be able to understand their social circumstances. This helps me to recognize the qualities needed to provide a satisfactory observation into their surroundings. I enjoy and take pride in helping the vulnerable who need support however big or small.

Rahimah Ali

My name is Rahimah Ali and I joined the Saathi House Team in April 2011 as a Women’s Support Worker. The majority of my study has been geared around the Health and Social Care field. I have obtained an AVCE in Health and Social Care at The Solihull Sixth Form College. I since have been awarded a BSc (Hons) Degree in Social Work specialising in Children and Families at Birmingham City University. During my early years of education I also have studied Art and Design, Graphics, Drama, French, ICT and Religious Studies. During my studies I worked in a variety of sectors including Customer Service, Retail, Catering, Sales/Marketing and predominately in the Social and Community Work sector. I have experience working with Adults, Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities.

My role at Saathi house is to support and empower women and children in the local community. I aim to provide motivation and guidance for all our clients in whichever area in their life they need it, in order to enhance their life chances. I am currently running Health Sessions including Exercise and Swimming which are 12 week programmes designed to improve health and fitness. I also run a Mother and Toddler project designed to promote social interaction between children, to develop a bond between mother and child as well as local mothers having an opportunity to build a support network. There is also a Mother and Toddler group held in local schools which has been designed to support mothers with childcare during Parent Coaching sessions. This session provides children to engage socially and to take part in educational and fun activities.

I welcome all clients and future clients to approach me and I will do my absolute best to support you, I look forward to meeting you!

Amina Miah

Having completed my GCSE’s and A-Level’s, I went onto further education and completed a Degree in Law at Kingston University, Surrey. My Law degree was very intense and rewarding. It taught me many skills that have now become adaptable to the work I do. Having completed my degree I went onto work for a Government Law firm in London. This experience gave me the skill to work in a busy environment emphasising on record keeping, time management and multi-tasking. I then later went onto work for Richmond Magistrates Family Court. It was here that I came to discover my passion to work within a community environment and help families progress as a unit. After my post at the Family Court came to end, I married in Birmingham and moved to Handsworth from Surrey, Greater London. After moving I spent some time getting to know my family and all the families in the local areas as it became clear to me that Handsworth, Lozells and Aston are very community based areas. I then went to complete my Hajj pilgrimage in November 2009. After this I went onto complete a Graduate Diploma in Law at Birmingham City University and I became a first time mother.

Having lived in Handsworth for little over two years, I believe I have integrated well into the community. The unity of the community is what urged me to work within a community role in order to ensure that this sense of unity continues to thrive. Due to this desire, I chose to make a career change from Law to community work. I am currently a Health Development Worker at Saathi House. My role extends widely and is not restricted to Health work. As a fluent Bengali speaker I am able to bring the skills I have learnt from my academic and employment background, to this role and provide much more. My current projects consist of Personal Development Programme, Health Development Programme, Outreach Work, Theory Test Class, Life Skills and Self Help. I also provide 1-2-1 support for clients with specific needs.