Saathi House Sessions

Saathi House Community Project strives to serve the women and children of Aston, Lozells, Handsworth and Newtown by providing high quality programmes in health and education with the aim to enhance self-esteem and independence in order to promote understanding, community cohesion and increased life chances.

Our Work

At Saathi House we currently provide many sessions and short courses:

  • Young Girls Club – This club provides young girls with the opportunity to experience things that they would not normally be able to experience or have no means of experiencing. This ranges from, Art Projects, to Angling, from day trips to expeditions. This is to help broaden their knowledge and increase their life experiences. This takes place on a Saturday 10-12pm.
  • Homework Club – This club allows for young boys aged 8-12 and girls up to 16 attend for support with their homework. This is delivered by a fully qualified teacher who volunteers his time on a Saturday from 1-2pm.
  • Driving Theory – This is a class that assists clients in learning all the relevant information needed in order to pass the Driving Theory Test. This class does not guarantee anyone passing but it does allow for the opportunity to have help to learn. Regular in-class tests are carried out in order to help identify weaknesses and areas where revision is more needed.
  • Life Skills – This is very successful session that gives women the opportunity to learn and build confidence in speaking English.
  • Self Help – This class is to assist women in learning how to read and write English from basic and beyond.
  • Exercise Class – Exercise is a fundamental requirement that many do not meet in their daily life. Exercise is necessary in order to keep fit and healthy and have a long life. These sessions run for 2 hours twice a week with a swimming session that takes place once a week. These are all women only sessions with a great atmosphere and driven staff to help you achieve your goals.
  • Health Awareness Programme – This is a programme that is tailored to the individual client to help achieve ones personal goals. This is done on a weekly one-to-one basis.
  • Personal Development Programme – This programme is tailored to individual clients to help enhance personal growth and career development.
  • Esol – Esol is taught by a qualified Esol teacher but the course is currently un-accredited. This is a free class with the aim to progress ones English Language skills.
  • Job Surgery – This session is open to all the women in the B6, B19 and B20 area that wish to attend the drop in session for assistance with looking for work.
  • I.T – IT has become a fundamental element in daily life for both work and personal activities. This session teaches different IT skills from basic upwards. Clients are encouraged to open email accounts, learn to use the web and increase their IT skills.
  • Mother & Toddler – This session is aimed at helping women to integrate and socialise with other mothers in the local community. This also gives young children the opportunity to have pre-nursery interaction with other children and thus increasing their skills and abilities from a young age.
  • Short Course/Short Programmes – Saathi House also have various short courses running through out year, ie Health and Safety, Food Hygiene, Fire Safety and many more. We also arrange short, 6-12 week programmes on various activities. Zumba and aerobics to start soon!

All these sessions run at various times through out the week. Please pop down to Saathi House for an informal and friendly chat with the staff at Saathi House.